Made in Dubai , meets or exceeds following international and builder specifications:GM Dexron III & Ford Mercon,MB 236 1/5/6/7,Tayata T III T IV, Man 339 Z1 & V1/339 Z2 & V2, ,Allison C-4 & CAT T0 2,BMW LT71141/7045E, ZF TE-ML 03D/04D/09/11A/11B/14A/17C, Vaith Turbo 55.6335(G607 list),1.Helps in smooth and fuel efficient gear shifting and torque transfer, 2.High Shear Stable viscosity index improvers resists easy break down under high shear conditions,3.Good Compatibility with various seal material found in transmission system, 4.Excellents low temperature pumpability and circulation to ensure good cold start performance, 5.Outstanding oxidation & thermal stability prevents acid formation deposit build up & oil thickening

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