Our Team

At GMR, our team consists of about 150 diverse and skilled people with various backgrounds across our company divisions.

The greatest distinction between GMR and other hardware stores in Fiji is that we rotate our sales staff within different sections in general hardware whether it’s plumbing, electrical, or paints.

They are fully and professionally trained in each department, enabling them to not only be experienced in a particular division but also in every aspect of hardware sales.

A strong and capable Management team oversees the overall daily activities of all departments within the company. This ensures that GMR as a whole continually provides excellent products and customer service to the Fijian public.

Our Operations team administers appropriate business practices to develop high levels of efficiency within GMR. This includes transforming materials and labor into goods and services to increase company profits. They are responsible for GMR’s day-to-day operations such as sales, maintenance, managing delivery fleets, etc.

Apart from recruiting and managing staff, GMR’s Human Resources meticulously implements strategic and thorough procedures to safeguard the interests of all employees. This involves establishing suitable working environments, organising staff trainings, administering staff evaluations and development, and maintaining employee profiles.

Comprising of debtors officers, payables officers, payroll officers, stock clerks, and auditors, the accounts team proficiently handles all monetary aspects of GMR. The services of external auditors are also employed while all other financial reports and statements are prepared internally.

Our purchasing team is responsible for the procurement of GMR’s hardware equipments, diligently sourcing quality overseas products for import. This includes receiving stock order reports, getting quotes from suppliers, and preparing and placing orders.

GMR’s sales team actively seeks potential clients to market and distribute our products.