Our Long Serving Staff

Excellence In All We Do

GMR is delighted to still have the services of staff that have dedicated their time and efforts to help mould the company to what it is today. Let’s meet some of them:

Chandar Deo

Years of service: 31 years

Initial job: Order man in timber section

Position now: GMR Supervisor

Why he has stayed with GMR: “Throughout my time at GMR, I have worked hard and been honest with my work. Management has seen my dedication and have rewarded me accordingly. I slowly rose through the ranks to a supervisory role.”

Ravind Lal

Years of service: 25 years

Initial job: Supermarket sales

Position now: Assistant Operations Manager

Why he has stayed with GMR: “Management has been very good to me. They provide transport and have also given me materials on credit terms when I was building my house.”

Razia Shabna

Years of service: 5 years

Initial job: Cashier

Position now: Accounts Payable Officer

Why she has stayed with GMR: “GMR Management has promoted me to a higher position during my time here. They provide credit accounts to their staff and I enjoy the working environment.”

Faizal Ali

Years of service: 16 years

Initial job: Bulk boy

Position now: Operations Manager

Why he has stayed with GMR: “GMR is an honest company, for example, if we receive any extra products from the supplier, the Directors advise us to let the supplier know. They have also provided me with transport and I enjoy working here because of the staff and the environment.”

Satish Chand

Years of service: 33 years

Initial job: Delivery boy

Position now: Dispatch Labour

Why he has stayed with GMR: “We receive wages on time, the boss is very good. Also, I don’t need to pay bus fare as my work place is near to my home.”

Fariyad Ali

Years of service: 19 years

Initial job: Timber yard labour

Position now: Dispatch Labour

Why he has stayed with GMR: “My work place is near to me, so I don’t have to travel in traffic. I’m also able to be on time for my prayer.”